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Properties for Sale

Magee Financial, LLC currently owns residential and unimproved properties that are available for purchase. View our full property portfolio for more details and updates by clicking the "Property for Sale" button below to download a PDF. Our company is pleased to offer generous financing and mortgage options for these properties.


Property for Sale (Download PDF)


Available Properties

City Description Location (Google Maps**) Price
Covington 0.19 ac., Lot 3, Div. of New Covington 916 W. 28th Ave., Covington $34,900
Lacombe 0.37 ac., Lot 6, Sq. 5, Oaklawn E. Sub. 60110 Annette St., Lacombe, LA 70445 $15,000
Hammond 0.344 ac. in Iowa Addition, Sq. 53 800 East Illinois Ave., Hammond $42,500
Amite 2.729 ac., Parcel C, in 29-2-9 Z. McDaniel Rd., Amite $29,500
Hammond Lot 2, Blk 4, Woodland Park 17032 East Colman Ave. $32,500
Kentwood Tract C-3, 2.0 ac. in 47-1-6 1724 Crooked Creek Rd. $25,900
Franklinton Lot 9, Mobile Estates, 0.11 ac. Cherry Court, Franklinton $12,900
Franklinton Parcel 1, Pico Preserve, 1.000 ac. 43320 Pico Rd., Franklinton $32,500
Franklinton Parcel 3, Pico Preserve, 1.897 ac. 43320 Pico Rd., Franklinton $21,500
Franklinton Parcel 4, Pico Preserve, 1.903 ac. 43320 Pico Rd., Franklinton $22,500
Covington 1.91 ac., Sq 48 & 49, 2nd Connoly Add. 1218 N. Columbia St., Covington, LA $359,500
Mandeville 0.26 ac., Lot 4, Sq. 15, Mandeville Lamarque St., Mandeville, LA $220,000


**Google Maps locations may not always be correct, especially for undeveloped properties without a house number (or mailing address).