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Real Estate Loans

Buying a Home or Vacant Land?  Refinancing?  Considering a Home Equity loan?  Want to Consolidate Debt?

If you are interested in applying for one of Magee Financial’s convenient real estate loans or would like some additional information, contact one of our branch offices.   If you are ready to get your real estate loan process started, you can submit an online application and one of our loan specialists will be in contact with you.

When you apply for a loan at Magee Financial, you will deal with HOMETOWN folks instead of a stranger in an office tower far away.  Every loan decision is made right here at home.   It is our way of giving YOU the best value possible.  We offer flexible rates, fast approvals, expert service, and over 60 years of lending experience.  Our Real Estate loans offer No Points – No Application Fee – No Appraisal Fee – Low Closing Costs – 100% Home Equity Financing.

The equity in your home can mean CASH to you… We are proud to be your hometown lender!


Home Mortgage Loans

Whether you are ready to purchase your first home or upgrade to your dream home, Magee Financial, LLC offers mortgages and home loans to fit our customers in all kinds of financial situations. We offer competitive mortgage rates, low closing costs, and a dedicated loan specialist to walk each of our customers through the mortgage loan process.

Magee Financial will work with you to evaluate your credit history and current financial standing to develop the best mortgage home loan plan to fit your needs.

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Mortgage Loan Refinancing

If you already own your dream home, but you are unhappy with your current mortgage rate or your home loan provider, Magee Financial offers great home refinancing options that may even save you and your family money every month.  Or, if you need some extra cash and would like to use your home equity to obtain the funds, Magee Financial’s refinancing options can offer competitive interest rates, low closing costs, and generous terms.

Refinancing is not a complicated or scary process. In fact, with Magee Financial’s online mortgage application, you can start the approval process of refinancing your home mortgage from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions or concerns about refinancing your home mortgage, contact us at one of our convenient branch locations and speak to a loan specialist for more information.

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